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Office Space for Rent in th Plot No. Pokhran Road Thane, Mumbai

Mumbai | Regus | Ref 12142


The Mumbai Thane business centre is in the Dev Corpora building, a premium high-rise office block on the Eastern Express Highway in Thane. Situated on the 15th floor of the building, there are some views of the surrounding area from the business centre. Thane is a popular location for major companies. For example, businesses located near the business centre are involved in tile manufacturing,

IT and electronics, chemicals and engineering. As well as this a number of dedicated IT parks have recently been built in the area. Thane and the surrounding area has benefited from tremendous improvement to roads and infrastructure in recent years, dramatically cutting travel time to central Mumbai. Located to the north east of Mumbai, Thane is known for its beautiful hills and lakes scenery. - See more at: