The Flexible Future: The Rise of the Adaptable Office Market


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It’s the beginning of 2023 and many companies are contemplating their current office setup. Should you be considering a new office, keep reading! As a brokerage with over 30 years of experience, we’ve seen a lot of changes in the way we use and think about office space.

In the past, the traditional model of leasing or buying a space for an entire company to use was the norm. But today, we're seeing a shift towards a more flexible approach to offices. This is driven by a number of factors including advances in technology, an increase in remote work, and a growing demand for more cost-effective and efficient office solutions.

The viable alternative to leasing
One of the biggest advantages of flexible offices is the ability for companies to scale up or down as their business needs change. This allows for a level of adaptability and agility that simply wasn't possible before. It also means that companies can save money by only paying for the space they need, rather than being locked into long-term leases for unused space.

Flexible offices are no longer a steppingstone to traditional leasehold offices, they are now a viable alternative. If you have a large (medium or small) requirement, instead of jumping into a lease, let’s schedule a call to further discuss your needs.

In London specifically, we've seen a significant growth in new flexible buildings entering the London market. This has facilitated many start-ups, SMEs, and large corporates to establish themselves in the city and contribute to London's thriving economy.

The key benefits of flexible offices are:

  • Private, dedicated office space, with optional breakout areas and meeting rooms
  • Fully fitted-out, furnished and ready-to-move-into
  • Newly renovated with modern and contemporary fit-outs
  • All-inclusive pricing (including energy bills)
  • Flexible contracts/terms
  • No rent reviews, dilapidations, or unexpected service charge bills

Why should you work with a brokerage?
Working with a broker such as ourselves, you will access the entire office market free of charge. We secure a reduced rental on your behalf, but we don't charge you a fee because we are remunerated by the landlord! Our database lists every property on the market, so you can cover your entire search under one roof, and 2023 will be our 30th year in business, so you’re in good hands. 

Drop me an email on [email protected] to further discuss.

Best wishes,

Julie Cecilia Baum Kold 

0808 258 9244

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