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Office Space for Rent in Toledo - Spain

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Toledo is a city with a lot of history that prompted UNESCO to name it a World Heritage Site. The decision to declare a city a World Heritage Site is based on its cultural and historical importance. Sitting above the River Tagus, the city of Toledo was once known as La Ciudad Imperial or the Imperial City, as it was the capital of the Visigoth Empire during the 6th century. It is also a city with a history of many faiths, as Christians, Muslims and Jews lived in harmony here for centuries. This earned the city another title of ‘City of the Three Cultures’. Toledo is located south of Madrid in central Spain. It is the capital of Castille-La Mancha, one of Spain’s autonomous communities.

Business Information

The economic mainstay of Toledo has been the metal working industry. The city is known for the production of different metal products including knives and swords. Today other manufacturing industries have grown up in Toledo including the production of medical devices, ceramics, glass, toothpaste, soap, and electrical products. The primary sector for employment for most of the residents of Toledo is now centred on the service industry and tourism. There are many locations for serviced offices to let in Toledo.

Entertainment And Dining Out

The city of Toledo is known for its historic buildings located in the old town. Casa y Museo de El Greco, is a museum dedicated to the great painter El Greco who lived in Toledo. The museum contains a model of his studio where you can see some of his works including the piece ‘A View of Toledo.’ The Monasterio de San Juan de los Reyes dates from 1477 when Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand had the monastery built to commemorate their victory over the Portuguese. Designed by Juan Guas, the monastery and cloisters are a fine example of early Spanish Flemish and Gothic architecture. The monastery has been restored twice, once after Napoleon invaded and after being abandoned in 1835. The Franciscan friars are still the keepers of the monastery and it is now open to the public. Toledo boasts many fine and casual restaurants. If you are in the mood for an elegant meal, be sure to try the Alacena Restaurant located in the Hotel Beatriz. This restaurant serves a fixed price menu of dishes with game specialties such as partridge, filet of hare, and sirloin of deer with mushrooms.

Transport Information

The Madrid Cuatro Vientos Airport is 76 km (47 miles) from Toledo. This is the closest airport. The airport provides international air travel service to the area. Slightly farther away, the international airport Madrid Barajas Airport offers additional flights. The city has an extensive road network which connects it with the surrounding towns and cities. The A-41 and A-42 provide direct connections between Toledo and Madrid. Public transportation includes rail service from Madrid to Toledo from the Atocha railway station. Trains leave regularly and the trip takes just a little over an hour. In addition, there is a high speed train service called AVE between Madrid and Toledo with many daily runs. The trip typically takes thirty minutes. In Toledo there is local bus service.

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