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Office Space for Rent in Murphy Avenue South Murphy Avenue Suite, San Francisco

San Francisco | Ann Mejia | Ref 20552

Features & Amenities

  • 24/7 access
  • Access To Other Nationwide Centres
  • Air Conditioning
  • IT Support


Thank you for considering joining our coworking community in Sunnyvale. Satellite Workplaces Sunnyvale is located in the historic downtown district, which means fabulous food and drink are just a stroll away. We do have multiple entrances, so please give us a call for help with parking. Casual dress? You bet. And bring your dog!

Ready to get to work? We’re ready for you.

With blazing-fast wifi, a variety of seating choices and private phone booths, Satellite Sunnyvale offers everything you expect in a full-service coworking community with the relaxed atmosphere of your favorite cafe. Our hospitality bar features healthy snack options and a variety of teas, plus great coffee.

Need a meeting room for an hour or a private office for a day? We’ve got you. Our Community Manager will help you choose the perfect plan for your way of working. Then, when your needs change, she will help you choose a new plan. We’re flexible like that.