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Daniel Soffer
Daniel Soffer
  • 6 Minute Read
  • 09th August 2023

The Best 10 Coworking Spaces in New York City for 2023

New York City, the concrete jungle, is renowned for its bustling lifestyle, exquisite cuisine, diverse community, and iconic skyline. This city that never sleeps exudes an energy unlike any other, and so it's no wonder it stands as one of the best in the world for coworking spaces. With office spaces that seamlessly blend the vibrant city culture with the evolving demands of modern work, your business could not be better situated. 

So, if you’re looking for a coworking space that will help evolve and change as your business does, then take a look at our best 10 working spaces for 2023 in New York. 

Is coworking space the future?

Coworking spaces capitalise on community spirit, providing an environment that nurtures collaboration, networking, and the exchange of ideas. They have become the future of working because of the incredible way they allow professionals to connect with like-minded individuals, fostering partnerships and catalysing growth. 

What are the coworking trends for 2023?

As 2023 progresses, we can expect to see coworking spaces making a bigger effort to appeal to businesses and corporations alike. Buildings that don’t currently offer private offices, will start to do so if it is physically viable, allowing them to adapt to the increasing corporate demand. Therefore, you’ve found yourself on this blog post at the right time, as coworking spaces are here to stay in a big way. 

How much does a coworking space in New York cost?

The cost of coworking spaces in New York varies depending on the area you are looking to rent. Here are some of the most popular areas businesses are renting coworking space in New York and the average cost to rent, per person, per month: 

  • Brooklyn $300 - $760
  • Madison Avenue $300 - $1,550
  • Flatiron $400 - $1,400
  • Central Park $300 - $1,500
  • Park Avenue $580 - $1,400
  • Soho $349 - $500 - $1,200
  • Columbus Circle $600 - $1,550
  • Grand Central $300 - $850
  • Midtown $300 - $2,500
  • 5th Avenue $300 - $1,300
  • Financial District $570 - $1,000


The Top 10 Coworking Spaces in New York

New York City is a melting pot of creative thinkers, ambitious professionals and innovators from a range of diverse industries. Fewer businesses are seeing the appeal of traditional, long-term office spaces, and are prioritising flexibility in both space and terms. 

As such, in no particular order, here are our top 10 coworking office spaces in New York:


1. Carr Workplaces - Central Park - 745 Fifth Avenue - New York 

Carr Workplaces is conveniently located on the corner of Fifth Avenue and East 58th Street, making it within walking distance of some of New York’s most popular locations. This location works perfectly for businesses that are hosting clients regularly due to the surrounding area offering venues for informal meetings and relaxed downtime. 

The offices themselves are fully furnished and serviced, ranging in sizes to accommodate smaller individual workspaces to large team office suites. All spaces are equipped with the latest in business technologies, and a virtual office service is also provided in this prestigious location. 

This space starts off at $1,337 per person, per month.

Office Space


2. NYC Office Suites - 122 East 42nd Street

The historical Chanin Building makes our list for its unbeatable transport links, offering residents direct access to Grand Central Terminal. The centre is also remarkable for its Art Deco interior which is consistent with its history, along with two floors boasting 100 fully furnished offices, communal areas and spacious conference rooms. The center also features a stocked kitchen and pantry area making it a seamless home from home. 

This space starts off at $750 per person, per month.

Office Space


3. Industrious - 200 Broadway - New York City

This New York office space is perfect for professionals looking to establish themselves in the heart of the city’s financial district, and also want easy access to in and out of the area. Industrious offers a nine-story coworking space that not only makes life easy for commuters but provides a host of amenities that benefits both the startup and the larger company. You’ll also make enviable links with finance firms, media and tech companies.  

This space starts off at $800 per person, per month. 

Office Space


4. Spaces USA- 127 West 30th Street, 10001 - New York, NY

Located in Chelsea’s high-flying Penn Station business district, this recently renovated Penn Plaza instils a workplace grind like no other. The location has become a sort of Mecca for major tech, financial service and creative companies in the last few years, with the likes of Amazon, JP Morgan and Pfizer all making a home for themselves here. 

Across the suite of private offices, you can find designer communal areas, suave meeting rooms and creme de la creme of networking opportunities. 

This space starts off at $430 per person per month 



5. Mindspace - 25 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn - New York

Your productivity is set to soar as you plug into the professional community on offer at Mindspace. A bright and inspiring space comes to life with floor-to-ceiling windows, 446 workstations and over 37,400 sq. ft of floor space. The indoor space is complemented by the abundance of outdoor space, including a communal roof deck, private rooftops and unobstructed views of the Manhattan skyline. Alongside the traditional coworking amenities, you also get a fitness centre, meditation pods and a bouldering wall so your business can achieve that oh-so-important work/life balance.  

This space starts off at $765 per person, per month.



6. Space 530 - 530 Seventh Avenue - New York - NY

Exceptionally located in Midtown Manhattan, Space 530 is the commuter's dream. With easy access to Penn Station, Port Authority and Times Square Subways, you can come and go with ease - perfect for the digital nomad and freelancer. With private offices, co-working spaces, meeting rooms, showrooms and more, companies of all sizes can make a home for themselves here. There’s also a variety of floor plans to support teams at all stages of growth. 

This space starts off at $529 per person, per month.

Office Space


7. The Farm Soho - 447 Broadway - New York

The Farm Soho makes our list for being the most natural environment to work in New York City. the space envelopes you in warm-toned, reclaimed wood and bare brick wall. Collaborative work is designed to come to life in this space with a rustic style, and organic interiors intent on opening up your creative spirit and helping instil a sense of focus. Whether you’re an established enterprise or a scaling start-up, these spaces will help keep your business driving forward.

This space starts off at $349 per person, per month.



8. The Yard - 195 Broadway - Brooklyn - NY

If you’re looking for a neighbourhood that fosters a growing entrepreneurial spirit, then The Yard is for you. With stunning views of the Williamsburg Bridge and home to the most photographed intersection, you'll never be without footfall. The building itself offers coworking areas, dedicated desks and private offices to suit businesses of all sizes, plus a world-ready rooftop with enviable views of Brooklyn and the Manhattan skyline. 

This space starts off at $600 per person, per month. 

Office Space


9. wework - 311 W 43rd St - New York

Bring an easy breezy East End attitude to the office with this office space. With six floors of lofty coworking spaces in the heart of midtown's hustle and bustle, there are private offices and coworking spaces in abundance. The building invites natural light throughout the entire space, and with thoughtfully curated decor, you’ll be serene even during those high-stakes sales calls and investor pitches. Up above it all, discover a penthouse rooftop. Down below, treat your clients to the Michelin-starred Chinese restaurant Hakkasan. 

This space starts off at $650 per person, per month.

Office Space


10. Your Studio - 175 Varick St, Soho

Soho’s vibrant Hudson Square neighbourhood is no doubt the perfect office space location. The coworking space in this building is known for its mix of creative industries including advertising, architecture, film, tech and communication. You’ll also benefit from meeting suites, communal areas and amenities that reflect this prestigious location.  

This space starts off at $870 per person, per month.



Want to explore more coworking and office space options?

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