Serviced Offices

Serviced offices are the perfect antidote to the typical office setup. They allow start-ups and large businesses alike to establish themselves in their ideal location with minimum financial risk.

The last thing businesses and entrepreneurs need in these uncertain times is to be tied down by a long-term office lease and a hefty deposit. That’s where Office Freedom comes in. Save on your office costs and take advantage of flexible terms with us.

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What is a serviced office?

A serviced office can often be the perfect choice for start-ups and more established businesses that want to enjoy the benefits of a dedicated workspace, without the hassle that comes with kitting out and maintaining it.

Serviced offices come in all shapes and sizes. From cosy, boutique-style offices to larger, more creative spaces and even hot desks for ad hoc occupiers, you can find serviced premises that are perfect for your organisation, anywhere in the world.

Fully equipped offices, without the unwanted expenditure

Serviced offices appeal to businesses that want to pay one flat fee for everything they need to work productively. A lot of the time, all the overheads associated with running an office – such as the rent, business rates, and utilities – are rolled into one convenient monthly payment, so as a member, you won’t need to keep track of terms and fees from multiple suppliers.

Furniture, fixtures, and kitchen facilities are all pre-installed and maintained by the operator, so there’s no need to hire a cleaner or restock the coffee station with your own cash. Communal spaces such as breakout rooms, storage lockers, onsite gyms and parking are shared by everyone in the building.

Office Space

Office Space

Get unrivalled flexibility from your workspace

The beauty of renting a serviced office is, you can scale your space up and down, as you need to – without negotiating your way out of lengthy leases or relocating lots of expensive furniture or office equipment. Supportive, social, and designed to encourage casual networking at every opportunity, serviced offices offer the perfect space in which to share, learn and grow with like-minded people.

The cost-effective option for cash-conscious businesses

Growing fast? Level up to a larger space. Need to cut costs? Rent a smaller unit. Serviced office operators follow a more ‘plug and play’ approach, which means you can come and go on shorter and much more flexible terms.

What’s more, because serviced offices come fully furnished and fully equipped, you’ll be able to move straight into (or out of) your space, saving you time and a great deal of money on moving fees.

Office Space

Office Space

The cost-effective option for cash-conscious businesses

If you’re trying to find the right serviced office space for your team, you might feel like you have a mountain to climb. But the team here at Office Freedom can take the time and hassle away from finding your new corporate home.

Our consultants can save you thousands of pounds on your rental costs. Better still, our office finding service is completely free for businesses, because we receive commission operators that are looking for members just like you.

We represent thousands of serviced office providers in many of the world’s major cities, including London, New York, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Singapore, and Toronto. This means we can help you compare what’s on offer anywhere, at any one time, safe in the knowledge that one of our dedicated negotiators will help you negotiate the best prices, discounts, and flexible terms on whichever space takes your fancy.

Serviced Offices with Office Freedom


How quickly can I move into a serviced office?

You can often get the keys to your new serviced office within just a few days or weeks of signing your agreement, making this type of workspace a brilliant solution if you’re keen to get up and running quickly.


Are there any hidden costs?

The fees for all your essential services will be outlined in your contract. Make sure you check whether optional extras, such as meeting room hire, phone answering or printing services, are included in the price, or whether you’ll need to pay a little more for these perks.


How long do serviced office contracts usually last?

It depends on the operator – but many of our partners offer a minimum contract period of one month. Remember, our office sourcing experts are always on hand to help you compare contract terms.


Can I customise my serviced office?

This will really depend on the terms provided by your operator. You’ll need to check with them which parts of your office you can change, and to what extent. Most serviced office providers will let you redecorate and move walls and furniture to achieve the layout you want. However, if you’re on a shorter lease agreement, you may need to foot the bill for these changes yourself. Again, our team can talk you through what’s possible with the agreement that’s on the table.