Flexible Offices

Flexible offices offer shared facilities, adaptable workspaces and plenty of coworking opportunities – all on shorter-term contracts than your typical premises.

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What is a flexible office?

Generally speaking, a flexible office is any private or shared office that’s available on a more accommodating lease. Under a more flexible agreement, residents can upsize or downsize their space as they please, without worrying about sky-high rent penalties or exit fees.

It can also refer to an environment that can be utilised by team members in different ways. Businesses are increasingly shunning endless rows of desks and stuffy meeting rooms for work environments that can accommodate everyone’s working habits and patterns, usually by providing ‘zoned’ spaces with different functions and purposes.

Your own private space, rented with greater flexibility

Choose to move into a flexible office, and you’ll benefit from the security and practicality of operating from your own office, without having to enter a long-term lease. What’s more, flexible offices are set up and serviced for you, meaning you can move in almost immediately and focus on nothing more than running and growing your business!

Office Space

Office Space

Your workspace, on your own terms

Companies are attracted to flexible offices because they remove a lot of the barriers to productivity and innovation that are inadvertently created by more traditional layouts – and they allow for decisions to be made quickly if a company’s circumstances have changed. Flexible premises will often include coworking spaces, enable hot desking opportunities, and provide lots of space for teams to work independently or collaboratively.

Regardless of how many people are in your team, how often you meet, or what your employees need to produce their best work, you can enjoy working from a flexible office safe in the knowledge that you can up sticks whenever you need to.

Keep your expenditure to a minimum while achieving your goals

At some point in your company’s evolution, you’ll need to find a new home for yourself and your team members. But you don’t need to opt for a typical rented office if big growth is just around the corner and you’re likely to grow out of that space in a matter of months – or if the future looks uncertain, and you’d prefer to move forward with caution.

Flexible offices are often available at a more budget-friendly price point, particularly if you are willing to share the space with other businesses or freelancers. It’s something to consider if you’re just starting out or want to keep rental costs down while you’re still finding your groove.

Office Space

Office Space

Flexible offices with Office Freedom

With connections in more than 15,000 locations across 100 countries, our consultants have the network and the experience to help you find a flexible workspace virtually anywhere in the world.

We’ve been flex pioneers since 1993, so it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about sourcing adaptable office spaces on short-term leases. We can also be on hand to help businesses like yours negotiate better terms and prices for these unique rental agreements.

Flexible Office Spaces with Office Freedom


How can Office Freedom help me find a flexible workspace?

It’s simple. You can either use the tools on our website to browse what’s available or register your details here to get one of our expert consultants on the case. Our flexible office finding service is completely free for our clients, as we collect commission from landlords and developers in return for finding them brilliant new tenants.


Can I customise my flexible office?

This will really depend on the terms of your rental agreement – but most of the time, you will be able to adjust the look and feel of your flexible office so it better meets the needs of you and your team.

However, one of the downsides to being on a shorter lease is, you may need to pay for these changes yourself. Any allowances and restrictions will be outlined in your contract and explained thoroughly by our team before you commit to your new flexible workspace.


How quickly can I move into my new flexible workspace?

This will come down to the kind of agreement you go for, and whether your new space is ready to go as soon as you get your keys. On average, it takes between one and three months to get into a serviced flexible office – but some landlords might be able to get you into the premises within just a few days or weeks!


How long do flexible office contracts usually last?

Many of our partners offer a minimum contract period of one month. Remember, our flexible office sourcing experts are always on hand to help you compare contract terms.