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Looking for your new corporate home? Let us use our knowledge, experience, and unrivalled operator connections to find you a corporate office you can be proud of.

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What is a corporate office?

A corporate office is your organisation’s central hub. It’s the place where all the big decisions are made. Often referred to as your company’s main HQ, this space usually houses your management and leadership teams, plus other departments that are involved in developing the business’s strategy and overseeing all its moving parts.

Types of corporate offices

No one works the same. Your new office will need to support your unique company culture, cater for employees of all ages and abilities, and give your teams everything they need to work at their best.

From traditional private office environments and serviced premises to creative offices, contiguous setups and shared coworking spaces, there are all kinds of options available. And if you’re looking for ways to encourage faster, stronger collaborations, you may want to consider a shared corporate office or a coworking space, which will drive valuable shared experiences like never before.

Office spaces

Office space

Affordable spaces

Forget paying sky-high fees to rent your corporate office. Many operators are providing much more affordable options to organisations that are looking for a quality workspace at a budget-friendlier price.

However, you’ll need to ensure your rental or lease agreement includes everything your staff will need to work comfortably and productively. Things like strong internet connectivity, a good IT setup, regular cleaning, and even fully stocked kitchens can make or break the success of your new office – so make sure you look for these in your contract, otherwise you’ll need to make provisions with third-party providers.

Flexible offices for evolving businesses

At Office Freedom, we specialise in sourcing affordable corporate office spaces that suit our clients’ unique requirements. But, having been in business for nearly three decades, we understand that things can change quickly – and if they do, the last thing you want is to be anchored down by long-term agreements, expensive equipment, or costly services. For better peace of mind, we can help you find corporate offices with shorter leases and/or fully serviced options, so you don’t need to spend so much on furniture, equipment, and other office essentials upfront.

Office space

Office space

Corporate offices with Office Freedom

When it comes to finding your company’s ideal corporate home, nobody does it better than Office Freedom.

With nearly 30 years’ of experience in navigating corporate office rentals on behalf of thousands of clients worldwide, we can help you compare the whole office market from one place.

We represent tens of thousands of office operators across the globe, so we’re sure we can source your ideal corporate office from our workspace portfolio.

As your single point of contact for the industry, we’ll take a look at your unique requirements before presenting you with a list of viable options in the cities or regions that work best for you. We’ll then help you negotiate the best possible contract terms, so you can enter into your new agreement with confidence.

Corporate Offices with Office Freedom


How much does your office finding service cost?

Our corporate office finding service is completely free for businesses! We receive commission payments from landlords and operators in return for helping them find their ideal tenants.


Which areas do you cover?

We represent over 15,000 offices in 150 countries. From Canary Wharf to Chicago, Bristol to Barcelona, there’s no other workspace brokerage that can offer access to so many flexible and competitively priced opportunities in such a range of locations.


Do you only work with a certain number of office operators?

Absolutely not! We represent more than 700 operators internationally – and the best part is, we don’t favour any of these providers over any of the others. We take a completely impartial approach, so the focus is always on finding you the right workspace for your requirements.


How do I start my search for a new corporate office?

Use the tools on our website to take a look at what’s currently available. Alternatively, you can register your details here, and one of our expert consultants will do all the leg work for you!