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Office Space for Rent in Chaoyang District

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Located in Beijing, China, the Chaoyang District extends west to Chaoyangmen on the eastern 2nd Ring Road, and close to the Ximazhuang toll station on the Jingtong Expressway. Chaoyang is the largest district in the city. The majority of foreign embassies in the city are located in the district of Chaoyang. This is also home to the popular Sanlitun bar street, and the Olympic Green, which was built for the summer Olympics held in 2008. This district is also popular for the shopping malls, Silk Street and many other market areas.

Business Information

The Chaoyang district of Beijing is home to most of the foreign embassies and business agencies in the city. There are over 3,000 foreign companies, 167 international news agencies, and a great many of the global top 500 transnational companies located in this district. Some of the companies located here include ABB Group (China headquarters), Air France, All Nippon Airways, Halliburton, IBM, Korean Air, and Beijing Hyundai Motor Company. There is a vast selection of office space in the Chaoyang District of Beijing.

Entertainment And Dining Out

The National Aquatics Centre is also known as the ‘Water Cube.’ This venue hosts light and sound shows, and guided tours. Chun Gu Xiang Dumpling Restaurant is situated across from the Canadian embassy. The restaurant offers a menu in English, although they don’t speak English so ordering is pick and point. The food choices centre on dumplings and ‘home-style’ Chinese dishes. A second choice in the area is Fish Nation, which serves fish and chips.

Transport Information

The Beijing Capital International Airport is an international airport located in this district. Beijing Nanyuan Airport also offers domestic flights and is 21 km (13 miles) from the centre of Beijing, China – a purpose built road called the Airport Expressway connects Chaoyang District to the airport directly. Subway Lines 1 and line 10 run through the district stopping at multiple stations.

Image of sales consultant Sarah Walker

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