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Office Space for Rent in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong’s strategic geographical location, between the East and West Asia Pacific regions on the coast of South China Sea, has made it an attractive centre for international trade for many centuries. Host to a population of seven million, Hong Kong encompasses more than 200 surrounding islands, and is commonly known as the business capital of the Asia Pacific region. Hong Kong is home to a multicultural base, with large conglomerates and smaller companies alike, investing a diverse ethnic base of personal within the city’s business district. Chinese is the predominant spoken language, with 88% its population fluent in the dialect, followed by English.

Business Information

Hong Kong has one of the world’s leading financial centres, reinforced by a strong economy boasting low taxation and free international trading. The Hong Kong dollar has a strong presence in the global trading markets and is eighth most traded exchange in the world. Hong Kong office space is renowned for being one of the most expensive business residencies in the world, with limited space and unprecedented overseas demand fuelling commercial real estate in the region to record highs. Major multinationals with headquarters in Hong Kong include those of HSBC, CLP Group, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and those of PIMCO.

Entertainment and Dining Out

There are a multitude of highlight attractions, events, festivals, arts and performances, and tours and walks to visit and explore in Hong Kong, as well as cruise options. Victoria harbour is the heart and soul of Hong Kong and should be one of the first ports of call when exploring the sights and sounds available. Why not visit Hong Kong’s exhibition centre next; one of the city’s more striking buildings which has been a backdrop for ceremony throughout the years or check out the spectacular multimedia show of light and sound called the symphony of lights, displayed every night at the city’s harbour.

Transport Information

Hong Kong’s extensive transportation infrastructure is one of the most efficient public transport systems in the world with all services fully integrated card payment method; the Octopus Card. Hong Kong boasts an wide-ranging subway system called the MTR, with its Airport Express train service being the fastest way to get downtown from Hong Kong’s international airport. Additionally, a tram service is available within Hong Kong’s main business district, which is supplemented by a comprehensive bus and minibus service.

Image of sales consultant Sarah Walker

Can I help with your search?

Call: +1 888 989 0007 or click to send me an email

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