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Office Space & Serviced Offices in Alberta

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Alberta is one of the largest provinces in Canada. Edmonton is its capital city, which is located in the middle of the province. Edmonton has unique oily sand and natural gas field resources that vastly contributes to the economy. Alberta is considered one of the wealthiest provinces in Canada. Alberta borders the US state of Montana at one end making it an attractive tourism location. Moreover, Calgary, also one of the biggest and most highly populated cities in Alberta, is considered a major transportation hub.

Business Information

Alberta, with Edmonton and Calgary, is the most naturally enriched landscapes in Canada. It is considered to be one of the most attractive places to do business in the country. Alberta’s economy is strengthened by the petroleum, agriculture, and technology industries. There are many different factories and industries in the region. For example, one of the biggest chemical research centres in Canada, Gilead, is headquartered in Edmonton. Mayjorad Pharmaceutical Inc is one of the country’s most prominent pharmaceutical companies. The state of Alberta has many options for high-rise office space.

Entertainment And Dining Out

There is a wide selection of ski resorts found in Jasper National Park, including Sunshine Village, Lake Louise, and Norquay. Besides ski resorts the area also offers hiking in the Rockies, golf courses situated across the province, and trails and rock columns to climb. There is a wide range of restaurants to choose from. In Alberta, beef is the regional speciality, whether it is grilled, barbecued, braised, minced, or skewered. One dining option is in a converted hardware store, and is duly called The Hardware Grill. This very popular restaurant offers elk, and other game along with fusion-style cooking.

Transport Information

Due to its large landscape, there are two major international airports that are found in Alberta. The first airport is located in Calgary and is considered large due to the volume of passengers that pass through it annually. It is the location of the West Jet airline headquarters, which offers low-cost tickets. The second airport is The Edmonton Metropolitan Area Airport. Alberta is extremely well connected by bus and rail networks. There are major public transport stops in the main city centres, making inter-city travel efficient and easy. VIA Rail runs a service from Vancouver to Toronto, stopping in Jasper and Edmonton on its way through Alberta. The Jasper-Prince Rupert Train also stops in Jasper as it makes its way from Jasper National Park to the Pacific Coast. Greyhound buses also run services between the Alberta cities of Calgary, Edmonton, Fort Mcmurray, Grassland, Lethridge and Red Deer.

Image of sales consultant Sarah Walker

Can I help with your search?

Call: +1 888 989 0007 or click to send me an email

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