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Office Space for Rent in Tijuana

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Tijuana is the westernmost city in the country of Mexico, located on the Baja California Peninsula on the border between Mexico and the United States. This city is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in Mexico. Tijuana is the largest city in the Mexican state of Baja California. Tijuana shares a 24 km (15 mile) border with its sister city, San Diego in the United States. Over fifty million people each year cross between these two cities.

Business Information

Tijuana’s economy is driven by tourism, its proximity to the U.S., and its status as a large manufacturing centre. There are many maquiladoras (assembly plants) in this border town. Companies with maquiladoras in Tijuana include Lanix, Hyundai, Sony, Vortec, BMW, Vizio, Toyota, Dell, Samsung, Kodak, Panasonic, Bimbo, GE, Nabisco, Ford, Microsoft, Cemex, Zonda, Philips, Pioneer, and many more. There are buildings in Tijuana featuring office space and other facilities.

Entertainment And Dining Out

There are many things to see and do in Tijuana. The main tourist area of town is Avenida Revolucion in the Zona Centro, one of the main attractions is bullfighting which you can view at the Playas de Tijuana, and if you are looking for the beach, you will need to take a cab or bus to nearby Rosarito or Ensenada as Tijuana’s beaches are typically foggy all year long. There are many dining options in Tijuana, from world-class restaurants to street vendors hawking tacos. Restaurants in the area include Café La Especial, Bol Corona, Birriería Guadalajara Pues Avenida Constitucion, Taquería "El Takerito", Caesar’s, Chiki Jai, and Sushi House.

Transport Information

You can cross the border at San Ysidro, entering Tijuana by car, bus, or on foot. The area is served by the Tijuana-General Abelardo L. Rodtríguez International Airport, which is located parallel to the USA-Mexico border line, just a few minutes from downtown Tijuana. Bus and taxis service is available throughout Tijuana.

Image of sales consultant Demi Smith

Can I help with your search?

Call: +1 888 989 0007 or click to send me an email

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