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  • 06th October 2016

Ambarish Mitra wins Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2016

Ambarish Mitra has been crowned the overall winner of Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2016. He is CEO and co-founder of the augmented reality company Blippar.

The Ernst and Young Awards set out yearly to celebrate the success, vision and innovation of the entrepreneurs who reshape the pioneering world in which we live.

Who is Ambarish Mitra?

Ambarish is a known innovator of augmented reality and computer vision. After dropping out of high-school in 1997, he made his first foray in tech entrepreneurship on the honourable topic of Women Empowerment in India.

Since then, Ambarish has taken both the tech and visual marketing worlds by storm. He is responsible for having transformed his ambitious idea for a ‘physical world browser’ into a globally trading company.

What is Blippar?

Blippar was founded in 2011 and received $45 million funding from investors in 2015. It has acquired an array of awards and recognition, and is listed as one of Business Insider’s most innovative start-ups in tech.

In short, Blippar is an augmented reality mobile app/ ad platform that connects brands with targeted consumers with an aim to enhance brand communication. The app itself transforms everyday commodities into interactive, content rich entities through sophisticated image recognition technology.

Food and beverages company Perrier uses Blippar technology to unlock creative experiences for their consumers. ‘Blipping’ the bottles’ label allows the customer to access special content, such as an animated cocktail mixology lesson and recipe video.

The app has over 65 million users in 175 countries.

[caption id="attachment_20142" align="alignnone" width="348"]Picture of Ambarish Mitra Source Philips, John. (Photographer).8 Dec 2015. Getty images for tech crunch.(Photograph). Oct 7 2016 Picture of Ambarish Mitra Source: Philips, John. (Photographer).8 Dec 2015. Getty images for tech crunch.(Photograph). Oct 7 2016[/caption]