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  • 12th June 2018

Diary of a Commercial Property Girl - Week #3

There is a buzz in the office today… I would love to say it’s because everyone is extremely proud of the hard work they have put in for the rebrand of Search Office Space to… Office Freedom!! But I think the celebration party and the lure of a free bar later is probably just tipping the scales to that ;) The outfits are hanging up, the make-up is being applied (to both the girls and boys here in the office) and the hair is being blow-dryed in Topshop round the corner.


I may say this tongue and cheek, but everyone here at ‘Office Freedom’ thoroughly deserves a celebration moment. The work that has gone into everything has been immense and it is a huge step. Richard Smith CEO, has understandably been anxious and the stress levels in the management and marketing team have gone through the roof on many occasions, but the time was right. 25 years in the serviced office market, a recognition of the increase in demand for flexible working space and a great time to hit the reset and refresh button. Check out the new website – and we are on Twitter and Instagram (obviously)@MyOfficeFreedom. Bring it on!!


I love an office party… can’t wait to put the gossip on here next week ;)


I was asked to debut my football skills for the company last week – they lasted 2 minutes. My mum (and ex-footballer) will be mortified, but there was a reason. I was the only girl. And I got very scared. Then I got injured. Brilliant. I won’t be calling Tottenham Hotspur Ladies just yet…


I have been allowed out of the office and into one of the serviced offices that we showcase on our website. Not sure what I was expecting, but I was pleased to see that there was a lot of space, desks and even a kitchen. I managed to pose for a photo in one of the trendy breakout areas which included a kitchen. I particularly loved the fact they had a toaster. Love toast. Especially with almond butter. Lush.


It’s always good to have someone in the office that is on your wavelength. So thank you Rahul Parekh for going along with my brain when we were thinking of content for social media channels. I came up with ‘Where’s Rahul Parekh?’ which is basically a game of hide and seek in an office. Not particularly successful when there’s only desks and pot plants but we managed to make it last for at least 10 minutes taking it in turns. Then, as I was wearing trainers, an Office Olympics emerged with myself claiming the sprint, the paper throw into a bin AND the office wheelie chair race. Gold again.

Diary of a Commercial Property Girl - Gail Emms

Me checking out one of our most popular offices on Wimpole Street in Marylebone, London.

I have a bit of a new role – still working with commercial agents, but now looking for us as a company to partner with others. Office Freedom has a fantastic global network that is increasing every year, so if you would like to or be interested in discussing more, then please get in contact. Office Freedom is the one stop office concierge service and we’d love to create a network that helps everyone. A great opportunity to be involved.


I’m now signing off from the office, but you know who you need to contact for all your serviced office needs ;)


Please note that my email has changed - [email protected]


See you next week!


G x

Gail, diary of a commercial property girl

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